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       Sunny Chinese Medical Co. has been in Irvine for more than 20 years. Dr. Xiang Yang Bao (L.Ac. OM doctor, Ph.D, Professor) is the primary doctor working here since 1998. With more than 35 years of clinical practice and research experience in Chinese medicine, Dr. Bao treats all kinds of sickness.  Especially, Dr. Bao has a profound skill of acupuncture treatment for brain blood vessel disorders. You are most welcome to Sunny Chinese Medical to meet and talk with Dr. Xiang Yang Bao and our patients.  

       With many years successful operation, Sunny Chinese Medical has expanded its services to cosmetics treatments. With sunny Chinese medical, we not only treat your specific health problem, but also we give you a total evaluation of your body state and provide you a natural and mild healing procedure.









Dr. Bao was presented with a medical research award by the honorable Cruz M. Bustamente, Lieutenant Governor of the State of CA, for his outstanding medical efforts and accomplishments.

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Dr. Xiang Yang Bao's patient, Peter, talked about cerebral acupuncture for treating Parkinson's disease in Sunny Chinese Medical Center

       We treat all kinds of sickness, especially, Dr. Bao has very profound knowledge and skills of cerebral acupuncture for treatment on brain blood vessel disorders and its sequela: stroke and hemiplegia, Parkinson's disease, headache, insomnia, melancholia, etc. cerebral neurological diseases.

        All kinds of Chinese medical treatment and services are provided:

  • Check Pulse

  • Treat all kinds of sickness

  • Acupuncture & Massage

  • Cupping & Tui Na

  • Prepare Herbal Medicine

  • Ginseng & Medical Ingredients

  • Supplemental Health Product

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine

  • Capsular Prep. Herbal Medicine


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